Surely Joy Is The Condition of Life

Hello! I'm Ginny Zarinebaf

I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and I have been working with children, teens, adults and families in communities for over 15 years.

I help women, men, families, non-binary individuals and folks of color as I understand how healing involves reflecting on your own experience of identity and place in our society. Through conscious raising, we expand through growth and evolution with greater awareness, for we all long for a supportive space to heal what has been hurt and create an environment to repair.

At times in our life we may feel stuck in patterns and would like to develop more meaningful relationships with ourselves and our relationships. I support each client by mindfully being aware of their cultural context through self reflection, while deeply listening to their own individual experiences. I seek to align my clients with their values so they may have a foundation to thrive,  especially during the hardships of life and transition. By blending connection, kindness, humor, and skill, I can help you with your intentions. 

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed unless it is faced.”

- James Baldwin


Individual therapy, Family therapy, children, adolescents, teens and adults.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ( CBT ), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Trauma Informed Therapy, Somatic Therapy, Attachment Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Solution Based Therapy

Mission Statement

I give voice to your feelings and hope to communicate with connection. Connection and communication are my passion. I hope to invite you to join me with an open mind and safe space. You can be imaginative and curious in all you do in life.. Therapy can be hard, however like the changing waves of the water one can alway find hope and direction in their life.

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